Bluetooth Aluminum Earbuds that will stay in your ears for 57% Off

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What if this:

Every product put on BoingBoing, were reviewed by contributors. Instead of offered up semi-randomly as the result calculated from metrics collected about our users?

What if we had a human take one for the team instead of just letting stackcommerce pollute the blog.

I’m sure it’d take at most a few manhours a month to at least have a real human who writes here review the thing stackcommerce is slinging. And if it’s not good enough, it’s stackcommerce’s fault for recommending it. Not our fault for the contributor not liking it.

What do you say, contributors? How does this idea sound?

I’m sure you’ve considered this already, but I’m a user. That means my opinion is automatically entitled. /s

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For the love of God, please do this. Without an actual review of the product, it feels ever so slightly lazy and unscrupulous.


These earbuds get pretty bad reviews at Amazon. I know Amazon reviews aren’t particularly trustworthy, but an average of 3 stars tends to scare me away. There seem to be better alternatives.

It’s like a buttplug…for your ears!

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It’s posted from the Stack Social store. shrug I don’t mind them paying their bills just that the store offerings are lame at best and some are quite dubious.

At least when it is posted under an actual editors name it is something they use and really like.


how does that work, exactly? they use magnets to attract each other and hold themselves in your ears by squeezing together? sounds like bullpucky to me. also, the huge control dongle seems like it would cause problems when you’re bouncing around.

on a similar note, does anyone have any firsthand experience with inexpensive bluetooth headphones? i guess it’s about time to retire my old ipod shuffle.

I wonder if they sound better than $1,000 headphones?

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I have a pair where you can take the earbud out of one ear and magnetically attach it to the other, which will automatically pause the music, or you can just connect them together and wear them as a necklace if you’re not listening to them at the moment. I think this is the same thing.

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