$10 bluetooth speaker, headphones and earbud set


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/06/10-bluetooth-speaker-headpho.html


Looks passable for $9.99, will get back with an in-depth review after I try’em out.


Fidelity that blows away even many $13 pairs of headphones . . .


Can I use all three at the same time?




It would be nice if the Amazon title said “Bluetooth”. Or heck, if if said “Bluetooth” anywhere on the page. Here is a link for what appears to be the same product but they actually put “Bluetooth” in the title. Plus it is cheaper by 76¢. Don’t spend your savings in one place.


I like to get my cheap speakers at the Dollarama or discount warehouse in disgusting cases to inspire me to tear them apart for projects.

Two $3 (non-Bluetooth) speakers. The one on the right was repacked into a piece of PVC pipe fitting and sounds much better now.


in the photos those cords look awfully thin…


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