From headphones to Bluetooth speakers, these audio deals will make lockdown more tolerable

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Hey, pal, let’s not talk about MY under lockdown, let’s talk about YOUR under lockdown!


Does all this shitposting of marked up mediocrity actually make boingboingco actually make any money?


Don’t ask. You might be disappointed.

@AbelardLindsay Came to say something similar. The level of literacy among the marketing bullshit is getting worse.

And despite it being such a very long post, I still think they missed a couple! :wink:


The answer is certainly yes. The only question is whether it is enough to make up for any loss of reputation from being associated with Stack Social. So far, Boing Boing’s answer is yes to that, too.

I am actually a fan of one aspect of the BoingBoing store, which is that it uses BoingBoing’s own content management system. While that makes it harder for people with ad blockers to mass block ads, it also makes it easier for me to block 3d party content malware without blocking all ads from BoingBoing. I can also see all the paid affiliate links that BB embeds on the main site and all the auto converted affiliate links on the BBS. Since BB isn’t subscription I want to see at least some BB ads, preferably clearly and conspicuously marked as such. Unfortunately, unlike Amazon affiliate links where BB can make money on anything you put in your cart in the 24 hours after clicking on an affiliate link, I think that BB only makes money from the Boing Boing / Stack Social store if you buy one of their sketchy deals. That aspect of the Boing Store I’m not a fan of. I can support BB by using their affiliate links, but I’m not going to take one for the team by buying sketchy crap from Stack Social.


I really just want to see more of this person’s ink.


I’m actually looking actively for an excellent IP68 Bluetooth speaker that has exceptional battery life and sound quality, not too worried about 150$ prices.

Except everything I’ve found looking for weeks is either no longer made, or it doesnt exist.

Anyone have an actual recommendation?

If you can’t replace the battery, then don’t buy it. We had a Bose speaker than worked perfectly until the battery wore out, and then it became an expensive paper weight because the battery was hard-wired into it. Yeah, I could have learned to solder and bought at 3rd party battery, but seriously, wtf.


etiquette question: hypothetically during what hours is it reasonable for me to blast “world destruction” on my bluetooth speaker during said pandemic?


I think this really needs to be legislated. With few exceptions, all devices with rechargeable batteries should have to have user replaceable batteries. I realize that would make many devices slightly larger, but the number of items that are now both expensive and disposable is ridiculous. Unfortunately I can’t imagine any GOP politician going for such a regulation as it would require leadership over cronyism… :-/


I think I bought my 100w 1x12 Marshall Amp for less than $270.

Granted, it was 2002, but still.

Totally ready to buy the Skull Candy, but the BB store won’t ship them to Canada. Didn’t see if it was just THOSE or the store in general… not impressed.

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Having spent three minutes just to scroll past all that garbage, I then chose to come here and tell you all about it.

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Is there a way to filter this shit out?

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