The delightful Grain Audio walnut-cased Bluetooth speaker


For alternative selections, the Wirecutter’s recommendations have been excellent. I have a couple of smaller UE Mobile Boombox (their previous favorite) that really surprised me, especially at a sale price of $50 (MSRP $100). I bought the second one after being so satisfied with the first.

When I loaded the BB homepage, the speaker itself was below the fold. So I read the headline and assumed the ‘walnut-cased Bluetooth speaker’ was the cat - either in some absurdist humour or extremely impressive taxidermy.

I love that either of those options seemed equally likely on this site.


I wonder if Mark has any of the FoxL series for comparrison. Pretty good speaker!

Delightful tabby-furred Sharptooth sneaker? (Or squeaker, or streaker, or…)

I am happy with my Bongo Bamboo speakers: Bamboo bluetooth speakers - Boing Boing
Haven’t used it much since I received it a couple weeks ago, but the sound was much better than I expected.

using cats for size comparison can lead to some misunderstandings…


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I remember the days when I could buy, for $199, a stereo SYSTEM, with a five-CD changer, 2 cassette decks, record player, AM AND FM, and two big bookshelf speakers, made by RCA. (Only 20 years ago.)

Now? I get one tiny speaker. And sure, I can buy a scratched iPod Classic with 160 GB from Gamestop for $70, but still, $249 for a speaker? And I’ve bought bluetooth speakers for $100, but it’s only one speaker…

…and my grandpa’s tape collection sits alone and abandoned, rotting away in obsolescence.

I bought my FoxL2 more than three years ago, after reading the BoingBoing post about Henry Rollins’s praise for the tiny Bluetooth speaker ( ). Best $200 I have ever spent. It sounds awesome and is smaller than any other “audiophile” portable Bluetooth speaker set I have seen. Everyone who has heard it is amazed at the sound quality. I am curious to know how it stacks up against other, newer designs, but I have never seen it included in product comparisons with those other speakers.

Yeah, I’m not buying into it either. I bought my wife a Bluetooth speaker by Anker that has great sound, corded or Bluetooth connectivity and a micro USB charger. Great sound, great size, for a whopping $30

Here’s something that might make you feel a tad better: Adjusted for inflation, that stereo system would have been $321 in 2013 dollars.

On Amazon I see there is a UE Mini Boom and a Logitech Mini Boom. The UE is usually $100 and the Logitech is $60. Any idea if they are the same hardware? Which one do you have?

Well, that’s assuming that today, the stereoprice wouldn’t be adjusted downward for Walmart-style price pressure (see the classic case of the Vlassic pickle $3 megajar). Plus, the $249 only buys me a speaker; you still have to buy a device to put your digital music on, and that’s semi-difficult to do on the remaining $72 (that iPod classic I just bought doesn’t have radio, for example). I could get a carrier-subsidized smartphone, but then of course I have a two-year contract for wireless service.

At least the music is cheaper, either through cheap MP3s or streaming or (gulp) piracy and file-sharing. I remember when the semi-monthly $11.99 CD sale at Rainbow Records was a big deal. Now, there are very few albums that would cost me that much in 2013 dollars, and buying single songs is much easier.

Let me know when I’ve beaten this topic to death.

Welcome to the future.

Or, to save you the trip, that’s a pair of headphones with a built-in mp3 player and a microSD card slot – and Bluetooth 2.1 capability – all for USD31.

So, if you want better headphones, you’ll end up tossing the rest of the electronics.

The cat seems absolutely delighted with it.

Or just buy ones with bluetooth support. Then you will have bluetooth headphones connecting to a bluetooth, headphone-shaped, mp3 player.

Also, ceci n’est pas une pipe.

It is probably playing a song by Yusuf Islam…

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pah-- bluetooth.

Oh I want mp3 and bluetooth and radio and this and this and that and that. It would be nice if they sounded good, but that’s not critical.

is absolutely the wrong approach

Start with good headphones-- headphones that actually sound good to your ears, tattered though they might be. Don’t start with bloody electronics.