This vintage-looking speaker produces cutting-edge sound

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I wouldn’t pay more that $20 for a Bluetooth speaker… I don’t care if the cones are made from spun hair of Unicorn, Bluetooth is a shit way to move sound and all the fancy packaging ain’t gonna fix that.


But, but… Wireless is the wave of the future!1!

When I tell people I have only wired analogue speakers in my home, they look at me like I’ve told them I’m a survivor of the Dark Ages.


I have a bluetooth speaker I get some use out of, but I wouldn’t have bought it if it were only a bluetooth speaker. It’s a record player which just happens to have the feature.

Anker’s Soundcore is worth the $30 it costs. But I agree with your sentiment.


An enhanced bass driver and ultra large diaphragm …
Speaker size: 52mm x 2


Me, too, but I am a survivor from the Dark Ages.


It’s worth noting that the specs include “aux line in,” so one could get better sound that way. It’s a very attractive little machine; if I was currently in the market for a speaker I would be tempted.


Carrying my homemade HiFi system and tube amps on camping trips or into the shower isn’t very practical. Bluetooth has a place. Mine is waterproof.

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“Well they didn’t call them the Dark Ages because it was dark.” ~ Daniel Jackson


It looks like a big, smiling pickle.

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cutting edge lol

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At this diminutive size, I don’t believe wired vs. bluetooth makes much difference to sound quality.

Also “20 watts”? Peak at > 10% THD we must assume.


No kidding there. An update got pushed to my phone about a year ago that has since caused Bluetooth-streamed music to randomly skip a beat, or at least I think the update caused it (though it might be the handsfree kit I’m using in my car, or some interaction between the two). I’ll have to drag out an old Raspberry Pi that I had set up as a Bluetooth receiver and see if it has the same problem. Plugging in a pair of headphones into the phone, it never skips.


We already have around twenty devices that periodically become about as electronically effective as root vegetables, unless you take them to a wall outlet and plug them in for 4-5 hours. Yay wireless!


I am learning to like Anker. They seem to do things right.

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(i just backed to get the speaker and carrying case.)

Just bought one of these also, from the BB store. the teal one.
now i’ll be fully stocked up to bluetooth like the good’ol days.

these will be fantastic for playing my dubstep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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