Aluminum Bluetooth speaker for $16

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I assume the aluminum imparts a warm rich tone to the sound?


Actually a “cool, crisp” sound.

(Funny thing about adjectives: you can use almost any you want, even opposites, and people will assume it means the thing is better.)


If it’s designed correctly, it provides a rigid, non-resonant housing.

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…and what are the odds of that?


3.5 watts isn’t enough power for good sound from a speaker; the audio will clip at higher volumes. Even the Amazon reviewer who loves Anker and got one for free says “Lacking bass at low volume, bass distorts at high volume, treble will crack at higher volumes”.

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Bullshit. The speaker simply needs to produce upwards of 90 decibels per watt.


Anker is a good brand in my experience, and for $16 it’s probably worth it if that’s your budget.

However, the market is lousy with around-$30, around-this-size bluetooth speakers of roughly equivalent, good enough performance. For the original price of $36 I would (and did) save instead for something like a Bluedio BS-3: larger drivers (5w vs 3.5w), better reviews and sounds pretty damn good if you ask me. Less Dieter Rams homage in the design though.

Why do I keep sharing opinions on gear threads? It’s not like anyone actually reads those.


What exactly are you purporting to measure?

Exactly. Speaker sensitivity is important. Speaker sensitivity is dB per watt or 2.83 volts across an 8 ohm speaker measured on-axis one meter away.
A decent bookshelf speaker will do 85-90 dB per watt and 85 to 90 dB for floor speakers. Good ones are in the 91 to 100+ dB range with some as sensitive as 111dB per watt.

This is is a shit speaker and you should feel deeply ashamed for hawking it at any price.

Plus, it guards against wetness.

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Salesman: [walking up] Listen, I’m not going to lie to you. Those are all superior machines. But if you like to watch your TV, and I mean really watch it, you want the Carnivale’.
[shows Homer and Bart a TV very similar to their old one]
It features two-pronged wall plug, pre-molded hand grip well, durable outer casing to prevent fallapart…


Hey, it looks like the ones in The Prisoner!

Does it have SpeedHole Technology™?


I’m not really clear on the use-case for these little speaker units.

Like if I’m out on the bus or something I’d be using headphones or little earbuds.

If I want something to put on a shelf at home I’d get a proper pair of speakers and an amp or receiver.

I guess you might be having an outdoor party and need something portable that more than one person can listen to, but that’s exactly when you’d need lots of volume.

When do you need to have a speaker that’s slightly better than the one in your phone, but not as good as anything else?

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Bigness, implied. Didn’t find actual dimensions, didn’t bother. I do enjoy my watts marginally larger, don’t you?

(Not actually meant as cunning xkcd-style nerd-bait, but whatever works I guess.)

One-hand-portable, semi-disposable-if-it-gets-dropped-or-wet kitchen/garden/bike garage/pool/shower use?

They’re not for everyone, but they can be useful. Even the dinky half-a-coke-can ones sound substantially louder and better than my 15-inch macbook pro, not to mention smaller iThings.

Edit. Oh yeah, and if you’re the outdoor type the battery-powered aspect can prove handy for things like picnics, strapping to your bike and making it a mobile party, and breakdancing in the streets. Not my regular use cases, but who knows.

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