This dual Bluetooth speaker set is twice the power at less than half the price

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I dunno, I don’t think I could fit those in my ears


" while trucking through the great outdoors." People who bring radios with them into the great outdoors suck.


No, no they don’t. According to the Kill A Watt, the Class G amplifier tucked into my desk dissipates 16.5 watts (Class A) at a comfortable desk listening volume, and pulls around 150 watts at temporary hearing loss volumes. That system is adequate.


There’s a lot of roads for people to drive their trucks in the great outdoors. Though why you’d need one of these speakers in a truck escapes me. Trucks tend to come with good speakers installed. :wink:

(But, yes, I agree.)

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Take your stupid speakers and go back home.
I have a wilderness area behind my house and why the F%&K people bring their speakers out there I just don’t get.
It’s a WILDERNESS Area, not a musically-deficient-zone.


I’m holding out for the version with the bidet and wine cooler.


TBH the current pull by itself has very little to do with the volume or quality of sound produced. Although it’s unlikely they will match your system if the speakers are efficient they could still get quite loud. Since they’re being sold on the BB store though I doubt it.


please don’t be like the douchebag in their photo and bring these out into the wilderness.


This reminds me of the Harley types blaring cheeseburger in paradise, for some reason.

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I’d say douchenozles could bring them but only in their butts.

My experience would be that they probably don’t work at all.

Agreed. In early January I did a 6-hour hike to get to a remote promontory, only to find that someone had gotten there ahead of me and was playing some kind of non-English techno-pop at 11. Jackass.

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Have you tried it on a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls?

The important criteria is “desk”. But someday I’ll take the hour drive to the local Klipsch Heritage dealer and audition the large speakers.

You need a bigger desk. But 16 watts through a pair of Cornwalls can fill an auditorium, and even the 3 watts used by these bluetooth speakers would be as much as anyone needs. Of course, any distortion caused by the little D-amp would be amplified as well.

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