Small wireless portable bluetooth speaker packs a punch

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Is it waterproof (or at least water-resistant?) I started using a bluetooth speaker and I really like it, but the one I have isn’t waterproof, so I know that it’s going to stop working one day.

so take the grain back and give her the amazon one.

i really like my iHome. they come bluetooth and wired; mine’s wired. i compared it head to head with a coworker’s (much) more expensive bluetooth one, and mine was notably louder, though. it’s a smaller circumference than @frauenfelder 's, but you twist it and the middle expands into a bass tube, pretty noticeable bass. i get less than a full 8 hour shift on a charge–continuous use at full volume–but it’s pretty good. prob 5 or 6 hours. way more time than my crappy ipod. it is FAR LOUDER than you would think. people finally see it on the shelf of my kitchen: “THAT’S where the music is coming from?!” price is like $15 to 20.

it’s this model (shown expanded) but the same company has various models, all with lots of color options.

no, i don’t work for them, just pooling info for us happy mutants :^)

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These speakers are interesting. They are compared to the speaker that’s in the phone, so the bar is very low. A watt of sound power seems loud, in a quiet room at least.

I got a pair of Bem Mojo II speakers for the holidays, and immediately dismantled one to see what’s in it. It looks like a lot of decent stuff for the $35 per speaker they charge. There are two drivers in there! And the circuit board is well made. They even make the base out of cast metal to keep it from flying away.


I can’t recommend Minirigs enough. We have 2 in circulation at home, the batteries last week’s and the sound is extremely good.

It’s even possible to use more than one at a time, either by daisy-chaining them together with 3.5mm jack cables or with their app.

They fit nicely between the 2 price brackets you mention. Certainly not budget, but not so much you’ll have to justify the purchase for too long.

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