JBL's Go 2 pocket bluetooth speaker is the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer

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Some day when you’re feeling rich you should splurge and get yourself a Pasce Minirig portable speaker. I think they’re still handmade in Bristol.

I have a NudeAudio Super M, which sounds great, though it appears the company has vanished now :S

That minirig3 actually looks alright for the price, feature-wise.

Can you change the battery? Will it still be waterproof after you did that?

On the website it says it does not transmit battery level over bluetooth.

Also you can’t deactivate the sound it makes when powering up and shutting down, so you can’t use it for listening to something while you fall asleep: the power down sound is reported to wake people up again. On my JBL Charge 3, I can deactivate those really annoying loud sounds via the JBL app.

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I have a minirig v1, which seems positively antiquated by comparison but has been bulletproof for many years. The guy who created it shared the development in real time (and took suggestions) on a DIY audio forum, back before the big companies like JBL decided to move in on this sector:

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Awesome Speaker… I am going to buy this stuff its awesome

but seriously folks, I actually did cop because the old one by a different manufacturer that I use at work every day is dying. they make a protective silicone bezel with a stout lug and a caribiner clip that fits it, too.
@beschizza you can paint over the graphics on the grille. I’ve gotten good results with acrylic; just pick a color, thin it just slightly with water, and brush it on. I took it a step further and stenciled the old “parental advisory” logo on my first boom box.


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