Anker's small bluetooth speaker on sale for $17

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Is this device attractive enough so that, say, a cat (or cats) would notice it and knock it on the floor, sometimes while looking me right in the eye? I only buy products that fit that specification. Luckily, that’s everything.


Looks like when it hits the floor, it won’t shatter or dump liquid everywhere, so it’s probably safe from my cats anyway.


Haven’t used this speaker, but my Anker USB :left_right_arrow:️ Lightning connector may be the first cable that’s ever given me actual joy.

It’s got multiple unboxing videos on YouTube. A phone charger.


The number of BlueTooth speakers in my household is far higher than it needs to be.

Especially given the infrequent listening of music that would require a bluetooth speaker.


Do not need. Do not need. Do not need.

Bought it.

God damnit.


Don’t know about this product, but I’ve found Anker to make consistently reliable products to work with Mac devices…sometimes even better than the official Mac accessories themselves.


I bought three Anker 5-port USB chargers on BB’s recommendation a few years back. I love them as much as I could considering what they do. Followed that up with a USB battery to charge my phone and ended up using it to make my Echo Dot a portable.

Anker really makes great, simple gear and I haven’t had a dud yet. I’m not sure I need another Bluetooth speaker but I wish I’d bought one of theirs instead of the Amazon branded one I bought.


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