These wireless charging pads give you the juice that AirPower couldn't

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Anyone use a Qi-Charging pad? Thought about buying one for my iPhone. How much longer does it take than normal charging?

You can’t have too many wireless charging standards.

Best thing about standards is that there are so many different ones to choose from.


They take much longer than wired charging. The one I had was somewhat slower then the 5W wired charger the iPhone came with, and probably 4x slower then the wired charger I had on my bedside table (and given that a high power USB-C PD charger can charge the current iPhone to about 50% in a half hour, it is immensely slower to charge via Qi then a 18+W USB-C PD charger+cable).

However charging wirelessly at any speed beats not charging by any method at all because you don’t feel like fiddling with the cable. More over an overnight charge is still charged, it doesn’t matter if it charged in an hour or in 5 as long as it is charged by the time I get up.

Unfortunately the Qi charger I had was apparently not too hard to “disalign” and twice in about as many weeks I work up to find my phone had stopped charging overnight. The phone was on “do not disturb” so it wasn’t vibrated off by alerts. I’m in CA so maybe it was extremely minor quakes? At any rate I gave up on Qi and went back to cables. After all 12 seconds to jam the cable in each night is definitely worth knowing the thing will actually have power in the morning.

You milage may vary. My Qi charger may have been super fussy. The original iPhone X may have been more fussy then current iPhones. You may be looking at “top off charges” during the day where the 12 seconds to put a cable in is a big deal.

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