They found a hidden Van Gogh self-portrait while performing an X-ray on another painting

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it’s well known that van Gogh re-used canvases to save money (i think lots of painters do, or at least did), but i love that it’s 2022 and we’re still discovering new things by and about him.


Same here. I also find it interesting that they are using technology to identify works created by specific artists:

It would be great if this helps to improve the restoration of damaged works of art (or virtually reproducing images from re-used canvases).


Or maybe just leave it. Artists also pain over their work because it didn’t work. Why risk damaging a finished work to selvage something he might not have really wanted to be seen?


As I understand it, Picasso was so prolific that he would buy houses, use them as studios for a few years, then move to a new house when it was filled will art. His estate later rationed them out slowly rather than saturate the market.

(I remember seeing this in a documentary years ago but I don’t see corroboration anywhere online with a cursory search.)


An even deeper gamma ray scan revealed yet another painting.


The painting on the front is probably a study for one of his peasant paintings, Van Gogh may not have considered it worth preserving anyway. The Van Gogh Museum has three paintings like this, which they have stripped to make both visible, NGS are consulting with them on the best way to proceed.

Apparently the Van Gogh Museum receives an average of 300 queries from people who think they have discovered a lost Van Gogh.


I think I’ve discovered a lost Van Gogh. He keeps on asking where he is, and how he can get to 2 Place Lamartine.


How often?

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In a typical year, whatever typical is now.

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