Things I miss: Kool & the Gang


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“Der Kommissar”

Misheard Lyrics:
Wir treffen Jill und Joe
and rest of Brother Hip
and half of the rest of Kool & Gang

Original Lyrics:
Wir treffen Jill und Joe
Und dessen Bruder hip
Und auch den Rest der coolen Gang





Potential minefield question, sorry;

About when did it become unfavorable for black acts to include an electric guitar? Was it just that Prince was so good at it they retired the idea?


I think all Black Metal bands have at least one guitar in them. :confused:
Might help if you narrow it down to a style of music.


Speaking of Prince, when did this song come out? Because it sounds like they’ve been listening to Purple Rain a lot.


Lenny Kravitz was near the end of it, so probably early 2000s. This is also around the time mainstream white music went either hipster folk or whatever this overproduced auto tune pop crap is. With the exception of metal, which is glorified distorted surf rock, the electric guitar is a thing of the past.

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Both came out in '84. Purple Rain in June, Emergency in November. So they might have had time to cop some purple vibe.


I miss Kool & The Gang and my Kool & The Gang pocket radio that I used with my Mr. Microphone.


“2013’s Kool for the Holidays didn’t really serve as the comeback I was hoping for.”

That cracks me up. Seriously, I can’t think of any noteworthy holiday album other than Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.


Just some random thoughts…

I think it’s largely about genre and the way people (IMO, unfortunately) view genre as an expression of culture.

I recalled Vernon Reid having something to say about lack of black interest in rock back in the day, so I looked it up, and his organization Black Rock Coalition currently has featured at the top of its current web page… a hip hop group. Not sure what to make of that.

But the way things are today, there’s probably many dozen amazing black acts with guitar players doing amazing things that you or I won’t hear about because the music business is so splintered. Heck, even back in top 40’s heyday, while I heard a few P-Funk songs on the radio, I didn’t discover Maggot Brain until maybe 10 years ago.

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You’ll see that on the blog soon. Man, I loved Mr. Microphone!


Also, obligs:

(Thing I miss: when the Simpsons were consistently funny)


Godless liberal media!


Shit, I did not… oh wait… I did. Whoops!


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