Things Organized Neatly: a book of knollish greatness


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I hate to spoil it for you…


I could repair that, but I would never again trust that floor and would always be expecting to find some other betrayal.


I’m not sure what’s driving me more nuts. The misplaced tile, or the damn tick marks on the baseboard. Why the hell are those even there?


Why are you taking pictures in my bathroom and posting them on the BB???


Hoarder pr0n?


Since when do hoarders organize?


How else do they find anything?


They don’t? Are we in the question’s thread?


It would be fun to develop a counter-book to drive neatniks crazy, with things nice and almost kentucky.


Wow, would you just look at that!


I recall a tile-guy who said he always puts one tile backwards or out of place in every job.

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