What's your hoarding/clutter level?


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I have witnessed hoarding/clutter level super red, it ain’t easy on the eyes.


There seems like a big leap between 1 and 2.


Thanks to holiday visitor prep, we’re at a one (except those hidden pockets of 9+ holding all the stuff from the rest of the apartment…). Ask me again in a week…


Areas hover between 1 and 3 for the most part. Kitchen is usually a 1 or 2, bathroom is a 1, living room is between a 1 or 3, “dining” room is a 3 or 4, but that is where I have 20 years of life shoved into a spot it shouldn’t be. I need to sell a lot of it. Bedroom has the most live and is between a 2 and 3 most times.


a one to nine scale? amateurs.


I am not a tidy or organized person, but I’ve never gone above a 1 on that Bedroom scale. My wife might be a 0 based on that picture.

Now our toddler keeps her play areas at a level 2 or 3…


Maybe what’s saving me is that I don’t keep a hold of stuff. In college I moved every 3 months (so did my wife being at the same school), so I think we just got used to how much we really need and as things adjust we donate the extra immediately.


I am not moving BECAUSE I don’t want to move this shit again.

I really need to just cleanse it…



Don’t tempt me…


Professional organizers should only enter in isolation suits.
Evacuate neighborhood. Nuke from orbit.


my challenge was to get everything off the ground period



At least they still have fewer fridge magnets than me.


My clutter alternates between the range of 2 through 4. Currently i think it’s on 3, i have a small apartment and own way too much stuff so keeping everything clean and tidy is a challenge. Granted to like to collect interesting and neat things, which makes managing my space even harder. Even if i had a much bigger place i’d probably try to fill it up, i’m trying to be better with my collectiong/buying habits but it’s hard.

For the staying organized bit it’s just something i’ve never been good at ]: my work desk looks like a mess too.



4–6 / III

Yes, I’d completely agree that I’m at the threshold.


I was an alternate juror in a civil case where a plaintiff, representing himself, sought $20 million in damages against the organization that provided his subsidized housing because they supposedly tolerated hoarders in his building, causing mice to enter his apartment.

Over the course of the trial it became apparent that he himself was a hoarder who had repeatedly refused admittance to both building inspectors and exterminators. He had one character witness who claimed his apartment was nice and neat, but that testimony was undermined by the plaintiff himself when he used photos of the witness’ apartment as evidence of the kind of hoarding he was talking about.


I’d have to disagree about it never being clean. I work in affordable housing and have seen a lot. I’ve seen clean and neatly piled plastic bins to the ceiling covering every surface and leaving only a small path in between and a little chair to sleep on. I’ve seen an apartment that was full almost completely of clothing hung on rolling racks. You could squeeze through but there was no path. It wasn’t especially dirty and the tenant didn’t see it as a problem because she knew exactly where everything was. I’ve also seen stuff just piled high including old food, drug paraphernalia, and whatever pests were living in the pile. It’s different every time.