Hoarder Barbie trashes her Dream House


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The library is normal though, right? Just the rest of the house belongs to a hoarder.


That’s so perfectly true it makes me want to sell my furniture and go back to a roll-up pallet in a bare room again until the twitching stops. I grew up in a hoarder home and now I get nervous if any of my drawers are full, let alone having anything left out on a surface, anywhere. Stacking is right out.

edit: Maiq makes a good point. Books don’t make me twitch. That’s just a cozy library.


My thought exactly. The rest of the house is a disaster. The library is not that bad, it’s not full of trash just books that don’t have a shelf. Seems like some minor organizing and culling and it’d look neat.


Whatever is this “culling” of which you speak?


Culling only exists when its other people’s books. I love each and every one of my books. Actually there’s a select few i could get rid of, but 99% of my books i could not part with.


Yeah, that’s just a normal person who has, like, some books, right? Right?


If you want to see the entire house to get some context, check out this story:


From the article, after they describe her being slated to teach two MFA classes… having both of them canceled due to lack of enrollment. Taking a job unrelated to art to make ends meet and having that company go out of business. All meanwhile her work is blowing up online.

“If your work is being seen and appreciated by 100,000 people — that’s good, right?” Becker wonders aloud. "Does that mean I’m a professional artist, if people like it? What if you don’t get paid for it? Does that make you a professional artist who makes zero dollars per year?

I relate to this so much


Totally. And if someone has, say, 250+ board games, it’s totally also fine.


This is pleasing and upsetting at the same time. I love good miniature work, and am very upset at hoarding (not hoarders). Conclusion: Good art!


It’s very fastidious, elaborate miniature work. Fabulous art for sure, to make something so mundane… even ugly as a house full of trash, into a work of art really speaks to her skills. From the article it seems that people thought the pictures were of her own home and were concerned for her mental health :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazingly the whole thing is based on Ann Miller’s house.



(Man, I sure miss Punchy Players)


A couple of wide shots would’ve been nice – it’s so damned good that you don’t get the full effect of it being a scale model up close.


Up above I posted a link to another story that has a photo of the entire doll house.



I have relatives who reached what might be called “end stage” hoarding. We had to search their property in order to find important papers and certain valuables. It was a complete loss. Some rooms had only a few feet left near the ceiling of accessible space. Clothing and trash were mixed with unopened warehouse-club purchases and junk food packages, multiplied a thousandfold. The house had not been maintained for at least 20 years, and was condemned. It has to be a brain disorder.