Millennial Hoarders

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Sent this on to my 26 year old Son, he’s laughing his ass off.


I thought this would be about their parents.


It’s not “hoarding”, it’s “tab farming”, geez. Actually, I prefer to think of myself as a sustainable, open-source tab ranch curator.

In all seriousness, right now I have 23 tabs open and I’m often up to 40ish. It’s a combination of saving videos to watch later when the kids aren’t likely to suddenly show up and shoulder-surf (and they have this thing where one of them shows up when I’m watching a video and then announces to the others that I’m watching a video so then they all are clustered around watching talking heads or whatever even though I’m using headphones and then they ask what’s going on), stuff I’m saving to show my wife, and forgetting to close tabs that I’m actually done with. So now I’m feeling that I should close some. There, now I’m down to 9.


Is this where we are supposed to guess what Rob has blacked out in the reference to recaps? There are fewer boxes than this, but my guess is Adventure Time, which I have also never seen.

Place your guesses below!


episode recaps of shows he never watches.

I actually do this. Not regularly mind you, but it’s how i’ve managed to keep track of Arrow and The Flash. I don’t have the patience to watch the actual show but i like to be aware of what’s going on. I also do the same with comic books, there’s several youtube channels that i follow that summarize or go into detail on various story arcs in comics.

I am also a low key hoarder. I’m kind of messy and i like to collect all sorts of interesting things. I will be moving later this year and i’ve been mulling over taking half of my stuff over to my parents for storage to free up space


My Reading List is so long that it regularly causes “Safari Networking” to leak memory. Luckily for me, I have Ram in spades.

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I’m a Gen Xer but I just want to say that this digital hoarding satire doesn’t apply to me. No, not at all…

[goes back to my Feedly favourites before visiting Pocket and then digging through 4 levels of folders on my portable hard drive archive]


I’m a Gen Xer as well and I am sitting right now next to 2 Raid arrays full of video. A full 16TB of actual data.


I have had network outages and months long home net access droughts. I’d end up having ALL the data backed up if I had the space purely for when the next ‘oh I have to let that bill go for a few weeks/months/whenever’

For me having steady net access is a novelty, and even years since the last major ‘break’ from easy net accessability it’s still something at the back of my mind.


My cousin collects free phone apps. If it’s free, she’s got it, and doesn’t understand why you don’t want it too.
She’s, what, early 60’s, I guess.


Yeah, I’m guilty of this myself. The Boomer version: not videos, but notes and URLs. I have documents in folders within other folders going back to 2005, stuff I jotted down that I thought might be useful in my work someday. I might get around to abandoning that stuff sooner or later. After all, most of it is in a format I can no longer open, anyway.


I used to bookmark all kinds of stuff. Interesting stuff to buy, recipes, articles, etc. Then my laptop’s hard drive died and i lost it all, i was really upset but oh well. I’m better off without all of that saved on my browser.


I just emailed this to myself to watch later…oh…shit…



i’m fully gen-x, but i totally understand the millennial POV on this. it’s frightening me. and like @MissCellania, i used to be a bookmarking fiend. i still am, in a way. i go back through my folder of bookmarks and go, “oh yeah! i meant to check into that further… and yeah, i still need to buy that…” on and on. purchasing personal URLs is also smart, but have i done it? no. should i? oh yeah.


I thought it was “Mayberry RFD” but that’s one letter too long in the first word. Hmm. Hmmmmmm.

Shows that fit the pattern (per Wikipedia), and that aired in the US in what I estimate to be Beschizza’s lifetime:

Another Day (1978, sitcom)
Average Joe (2003-2005, reality show)
Harry’s Law (2011-2012, drama, requires treating the apostrophe as a full character)
Invader Zim (2001-2006, animated)
Judging Amy (1999-2005, drama)
Madigan Men (2000, comedy)
Martial Law (1998-2000, drama)
Maximum Bob (1998, comedy)
Morning Joe (2007- , news talk)
Nowhere Man (1995-1996, drama)
Project UFO (1978-1979, science fiction)
Salvage One (1979, science fiction)

I’m going to go with Judging Amy.


I laughed when I tried to reveal the title by selecting it, only to realize that it wasn’t actually spoilerized text, but Unicode block characters.

The whole point is that it isn’t the name of a show, unless they make a show called ███████ ███


I did actually have a particular show in mind, but I thought it’d be funny to make yall figure it out



Have you told her it’s like collecting junkmail?

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