Things that make you happy


With many of us still coming to terms with the 2016 election results and numerous threads going on about all of it, I think we need a thread of thing that make you happy. It can be a photo, a clip of a show, some story … really anything. Sharing happiness is a great way to make people smile, and smiling is a step towards a bit more happiness than there was moments ago. Maybe this will be a total flop - if so, oh well - I tried. I’ll go first momentarily.


Tubas make me happy. Any song with a strong tuba presence is mine. And I just love this live version of this song. Original recording released 30 years ago this month.


A nine-minute collection of wordless absurdist Japanese animation makes me happy


seeing an 11 year-old child watch the temperature on a thermometer go down while they mix vinegar and baking soda and realize that a chemical reaction did that.

watching the expressions on the faces of a group of students when i cut a mobius strip into “thirds” and i end up with two loops that interlock.


Musically, this song consistently mach-drives me from rage or despair to equanimity in ten seconds, so any feeling not so far down the spectrum transmutes to happiness.


Looking at this young man, in or out of costume, makes me happy too.

Recognize him? One hundred years ago practically every American who went to the movies could. He made them, at least for twenty minutes, happy too.


I’m with you there.

And offer some snazzy trumpet:


Maybe I’ll just go back to percussion.




More Tuba. It’s s slow build. Stick with it.


This Plugz’ “Reel Ten” surf-style Ennio Morricone tribute scoring the glorious cosmic ride finale of “Repo Man”


Breezes on a perfect temperature day. Watching my son take care of his little sister when he doesn’t think anyone is watching. Springtime when the oaks explode in new foliage, so delicate and thin the leaves glow translucent against blue sky and your eyes can’t quite settle on what shade of green they are, just that they’re so green they glow.

Accidental (or Incidental) BBS Poetry

this song ensnares me and soothes my heart.


Butterflies. Orchids. The pup I’m dog-sitting. The fact of living where I do.


Mister Rogers can always turn my smile upside down.
Not the best clip, but seems apt.



What do you do with the mad that you feel?

Good stuff there.

Some CBT work there.


Playing ukulele makes me happy. Godzilla/kaiju movies make me happy. This photo made me inconceivably happy the first time I saw it and still pleases me:


David Byrne makes me happy. I hope one day he’ll tour with these happy mutants again.

The whole thing is great but Burning Down the House starts in at the 5:00 mark.

And this version is great


I don’t!