Getting off opioids - help this gal find something to do!

This is all very personal, so if that bothers you, don’t bother reading. I just need an outlet.

This gal is getting off opioids today, after 3+ years of daily use, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. It’s even worse because the opioids have actually helped me in so many ways and helped my fucked-up Aspergers-depressed-anxious mind somehow deal with this world. But our current drug policy makes it impossible me to continue this way. Maybe it’s for the better, I don’t know, all I know is that for me personally it’s the perfect medine.

In any case, I’m gonna be spending the next few weeks on my couch. I’m doing a sort of “open rehab”, where I get the necessary prescribed medication with me and in exchange I do an occasional drug test to show I’m clean. Meanwhile, I need something, anything, to keep my mind off the agony. I could fill this post with endless self-pitying details, but that would be pointless because I’m the one who got myself in this situation.

What TV shows should I watch? I like things like Firefly, Arrested Development, Archer, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, Wolf’s Rain, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Spaced, American Dad, Office (UK), etc.

As far as movies go, I love Synecdoche, New York, anything by David Lynch, Studio Ghibli’s and Hayao Miyazaki’s work, Happiness, The Room, Irreversible, Shayn of the Death etc. etc.

I want something immersive and beautiful. Maybe I’ll watch Synecdoche, New York again. I got a Ghost in the Shell box with both the movies as a gift and I should probably watch those. I’m currently watching Frozen (haven’t seen any Disney movies in forever) and it’s really resonating me with its’ Scandinavian theme and those Lapland mountains. I cried like a maniac during the song Let It Go - these withdrawals make me very emotional, and yet I keep seeking things that make me feel nostalgic, pointlessly seeking some deeper insight into who I am.

What’s the point of this blabbering? I’m just hoping someone will give me some tips on how to survive. Thanks to the correct medication and past experience, I know how to deal with, or at least cope with, withdrawals,though I’m always open to advice. But most of all, I just want something to do, someone to talk to. I know BoingBoingers have a great taste in, well, everything. I’m also an avid gamer with Xbox360 and Steam, so if I have the energy, I’d love to hear some game ideas.

Day one, here we go. Wish me luck. If you can look past the unapologetically self-centric talk, I’d respect what BB commenters have to say.


I recommend the UK version of Life on Mars. I watched that while recovering from surgery recently and it was just what I needed. It’s on Hulu. If you like it, there’s a sequel series called Ashes to Ashes that people also seem to like. I haven’t seen it yet.

And best of luck with your recovery.


Hey, the UK version of Life On Mars is actually something I once planned to watch! But I guess I forgot about it. I’ll put that on my list.

And thanks, I’ve actually got rather high hopes for the actual recovery. What scares me is the ordinary life after that!

For the record, I only have Netflix (the Finnish version, which doesn’t have quite as many shows and movies as the American version), but I can get anything else hrough other means.


If you’re not put off by violence, I’ve been digging Ben Wheatley’s films, two of which are streaming on netflix (The Kill List and Sightseers). His other film is A Field in England, but that has references to drug use (in this case, hallucinagens, so that might not be helpful).

As for series - you could watch some Doctor Who, also on Netflix - both the classic series (well, 75 episodes of the classic series) and the new series are up, as are Torchwood, but I don’t know about the more kid friendly series Sarah Jane Adventures. You seem to like anime, so Samurai Champloo is great, as is Modoka Magica. Will funny stuff help keep your mind off things - if so, just watch Monty Python and/or Kids in the Hall, or some of the classic SNL seasons (again, I think they are all on Netflix)…

Also, would it help to have something to do with your hands - you could take up some needle crafting - knitting or crocheting (I think crocheting might be easier to start with), or you could do some embroidery of some kind. That would keep your hands busy, while watching whatever…

Of course, come comment here. Start topics, and we’ll come discuss whatever!

And good luck!


Join a book club!


Good luck with everything! Here are some of my favorites, and they could possibly fit into your matrix on interests:


  • Porco Rosso and Lupin III, they both are on the sillier side, but are amazing and transportative
  • Top Gun. Don’t hate.


  • Luthor, if you haven’t seen it. Holy cow I love that show. Also you get to spend bonus hours obsessing about how amazing Idris Elba would be as Batman, with a certain character to remain nameless for now would be as catwoman…
  • Attack on Titan is creepy, bizarre and amazing and surprisingly affecting. It is certainly hard to think about anything else while watching.
  • Adventure Time. Treat Yourself! (The Bee and Puppycat Pilot is definitely worth watching as well on the cartoonhangover on youtube)


  • Thrilling adventure hour. Old style radio show with great comedy writing and amazing comedy cast.
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me - funny brothers giving horrible life advice
  • Anything on the Earwolf Network, though particularly How Did This Get Made (bad movie podcast) and Comedy Bang Bang
  • 99% Invisible
  • Backstory - history podcast


  • I’m pretty obsessed with Christophe Blaine. Both his Isaac the Pirate and Gus Books.

May the force be with you!!!

P.S. I don’t know if there’s a limit on posting the same youtube vid on different threads. This was my “end of the world” broadcast pick , (for the music!) but in a Mayan-calendar sort of way, It’s great for new beginnings too!!

Mort Garson’s Ataraxia is definitely also worth a listen


If only someone here were having one… oh wait, we are! Yay, us!

We are doing this, but it might be a week or two before we get it off the ground. Either way, we’d love to have you join us in the (eventual) discussion:

OMG, yes! Not sure why I didn’t think of that! What random wonderful weirdness is that show!

Good luck. Soon as you can, get out into the world and do things. The joy of not waking up sick is a great motivator, trust me.
(ETA: if you’re gonna watch Life on Mars, watch its influences; The Sweeney and other Euston Films British TV shows like Special Branch and The Professionals - especially Special Branch, IMO. There’s one episode ewhere they spend a whole episode interrogating some guy, completely ruin his life, and it turns out it’s the wrong man. Try making a Good Guys With Guns show like that nowadays :smiley: )
And again, good luck and all the best from someone who knows.


I wish I could attest to the calming, enjoyable act of carving soap, but my 16 pack of ivory bars and clay carving tools are still sitting on a shelf, but I imagine this to be something fun, nice smelling and low-commitment hobby to do while watching/listening to things. And at the end, you can kinda sand-mandala your creation away by using it as regular soap (or give as gifts…)

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I strongly recommend the original Upstairs Downstairs.

I watched it all in a couple weeks a few years ago. I was in a tough place, had the time, and I think it was entirely worthwhile. It’s just so much less contrived than modern TV… and the pacing is so calm and the acting so good.

I hope it all goes well for you.


I don’t mind violent movies (I mentioned Irreversible,after all, and thats’… well, unpleasant). As far as drug-related movies go, they might be good or they might be bad for me. Typically, if I see people doing drugs on TV, I get really strong cravings and nostalgic for the time when I could just use whatever. but maybe now that I’m adamant about quitting, seeing realistic potrayal might strengten my decision (of course, most depictions of drug use in media are from my the reality I know.)

Those are great ideas. Torchwood sounds interesting, but tackling the whole Doctor Who series seems intimidating - same thing with Star Trek. I’ve watched a bunch of Monty Python and Kids In The Hall and you’re right funny stuff is the best way to keep my mind occupied.

That’s great advice! I’m trying to think of what I could easily do with my hands. Knitting/crocheting is something I’ve done before and it would be perfect for my restless hands, but I don’t have to tools for it right now. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to buy needles/hooks. I love arts and crafts of all kind and IMO am good with mhy hands, but I lack all the tools to do thing I want to. I wonder what another repetitive task I could so to pass my time…

Porco Rosso I’ve seen, but not Lupin III. I’ll have to check it out. Top Gun… not really my thing, to be honest.

All of these are going on the list. Luther I haven’t heard about, but Attack on Titan and Adventure Time I have - don’t knwo why I haven’t watched them yet.I love weirdness.

These podcasts might be good for when I just want to lay in bed in the dark and listen to something.

I noticed that before. I would love to participate, as long as I have the energy for reading and the books are available in the library (I don’t have the money to buy new books). I have quite a backlog of books right now anyway - I don’t know if they’re the kinds of books BBers would enjoy. I feel so inferior because I’m not familiar with all the newest, coolest sci-fi or other books. I’m just reading the Middle Mind and Wired For Culture right now.

Thank you for your encouraring word. I’m certainly looking forwards to the day when I can leave my nest of isolation and go out into the world like a regular person. People always talk about the horrors of withdrawals, but it’s more than just those few weeks of agony. When you’ve used opioids/opiates for years, it can take many months or years for my natural opioid levels to return to normal. Of course, I’ll still have all my social anxiety and panic attacks and depression, but I’m hoping to get actual medication for that instead of relaying on a hard-to-obtain, expensive, illegal drug.

I’ve added Upstairs Downstairs to my list. And thank you, I’ll do my best to get through this.

Chatting with youBoing Boingers helps more than you can imagine. This is the one place where I feel like I belong even little.


Trainspotting and Requim for a Dream are two films with pretty harrowing and realistic depictions of drug use. A field in england is not really positive, and is kind of crazy, but not positive (but not particularly negative, it just kind of is…).

It’s good… they hit their stride in the middle of the first season. And then the Children of Earth season is just mindblowingly good and depressing as hell. As for Doctor Who, you really can just dip in when and where ever, at least for the classic series. The new is a bit more interconnected and built on each other.

You should do that… look up a nice pattern you’d like to make, and then get your BF to go pick up the stuff you need after you find them online or something.

You shouldn’t at all! I know much less about sci-fi than others around here. You should read what you enjoy. If you’re interested, you can post a book you’d like to read in the thread I linked to, and vote for books your interested in (we’re going to whittle that down to a shorter list to pick from later). Feel free to post something from your reading backlog which is what I’ll likely do.

But yeah, if you need a sanity check through this tough time, just post here, and I’m sure lots of us will be happy to help get your mind on track! I’m sure there are lots of folks around here who’ve dealt with similar stuff, either in their lives or those of loved ones.

My thoughts are with you!


Oh, we’ve got some pretty active imaginations around these parts. :slight_smile:


Heh, I’ve noticed. :smile:

I suddenly got huge cravings for some quality anime. I started by tackling Knights of Sidonia, a Netflix Original show which is sompletely new to me, but looks fun. Anther series I own but havent watched are Elfen Lied and the movies Ghost in the Shell and its’ sequel Innocence.

I’m also feeling nostalgic so I’m thinking about revisiting Noir and Madlax and Wolf’s Rain and Ginga (Nagareboshi Gin and Densetsu Weed).

If anyone can think of any similiar anime shows/movies, I’m all ears. Also, music. I’m listening to lots of music - usually melancholic, but azlso uplifting in the “a new start” kind of way, as well as anything psychedelic.

If someone is up to some personal chatting (with PM or other means), I’d love that. The truth is that I don’t have the energy to actually participate in most serious discussions right now. I’m always passionately defending feminism and rape victims and and LGBT issues and it’s all so personal that it drains me dry. It also feels hard to come up with something useful to say even in the least serious of discussions.

The truth is that I don’t have any friends to talk to, except my lovely boyfriend (a word I hate, because we live together but have no intention of getting married) and he’s at work most of the time. God, what is it about BB that makes me open up like this.

Well, it’s day two (technically day there, but whatever) and I’m not dead yet,


Community is a most excellent show… Funny as hell, incredibly clever, and often pretty weird. And very, very meta. It’s pretty light too, so you can sit there and watch it all day.

Wishing you the best of luck with your mission.


Luckily, “Archer” and “Broad City” are just beginning their new seasons.
As far as animation goes, “Aeon Flux”, the shorts and the series. “Rick and Morty” are good because you have to watch each episode more than once to get all of the jokes.

Classic comedy is good; you don’t have to tax your brain if you’re not in the mood. The Marx Brothers and WC Fields are good for slapstick and subtle inuendo.

I’ve done a bit of paracord work, and YouTube has a lot of vids for beginners that are easy to follow.

And, for goodness sake, some sort of exercise. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or take much of your time, but do something every day on a regular schedule.

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Sounds great to me. I easily get sucked into crazy sci-fi stories. Sometimes I stay away because I know I’ll watch too many, but sometimes that’s just what I need!

I don’t watch a lot of comedy, but only last year I somehow finally discovered Mr. Show, which I think is one of the funniest things ever. Very much recommended.


I’m not sure I can relate to this task, but one of the best chill things I’ve ever done is learn to play some electric bass to some of my favorite jammy songs.

I find when I get into a music listening/playing zone, it requires a different part of my brain than tv or books. Which is great when I don’t have the cognitive wherewithal to follow all the characters and plot twists.

If you don’t already play, you may find this hard to imagine doing. But 4 notes will get you half of this song. (I can play this on repeat for an hour - your mileage may vary).


Carnivale is only two seasons but my experience was that I just could NOT stop watching. Same with Deadwood (just be prepared for Premature TV Withdrawal Syndrome when they suddenly end.) Same with Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls - all of those are fun and quirky rather than dramas so they’re good for when you can’t cope with too much seriousness. Being Human started off a little banal but got very addictive. There’s only one season of “Les Revenants” (French show) but it was really affecting.

Six Feet Under? Great family drama plus quirky and very frank looks at the whole industry of death, since the family has a funeral home business.

You like anime - have you done Cowboy Bebop and Trigun and Serial Experiment: Lain?

There’s always room for a good run through Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Quirky movies that to me fit with Synechdoche NY and the like… Waking Life (all about lucid dreaming!), Being John Malkovich, The Fall, Until the End of the World.

Pick a director - all of Peter Greenaway? Werner Herzog? Jane Campion? John Waters?

Do you like graphic novels? Read all of Sandman, read Watchmen, read Elfquest, read Fables - great immersive experiences.

You can do this. Congratulations on taking the next step.