This 1969 film about overcoming stage fright is filled with useful information

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Really good advice in this video. I have terrible, horrible stage fright (part of my strong introversion), but I’ve spoken in public many times. I use a lot of the same coping mechanisms, but the last one…

Practice, develop your confidence in your outline or notes by actual tests before an audience that can be both critical and appreciative.

… is absolutely critical for me. Practice, practice, practice. Recite, re-write, recite again, peg it down until I can nail it for my wife. Then I can nail it for a crowd.


nervousness and excitement are so close to each other that if you are nervous, just tell yourself that you are excited and turn those nerves (negative) into something that can help you perform better (excitement , positive)

i have been doing this for years without realizing it until i saw this video: How to Turn Anxiety Into Excitement - YouTube


so, public confession: depending on the day, this is how i am around people. period. no stage needed. :confused:

and those tips do seem pretty good ones for life in general maybe. even if on a different scale.

i can do things like work, or shop, or whatever more easily for instance when i focus on the task at hand, rather than the communication or the people.

social anxiety sucks. and so does stage fright i imagine. thinking about it in a situation only makes it worse. i like the idea some people find ways of turning those same body reactions into positive associations

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Remember is that you wouldn’t have been asked to speak if someone didn’t want to hear what you have to say

This is a variation on the advice I give to people who are anxious about public speaking: no-one in the audience is showing up to hear you make a bad speech; they’re all rooting for you to make a good one.

I always see a light go on in their eyes when they realise that the goodwill from the audience is there from the start rather than being conditional on their performance.


I wish my lungs looked that cool


so, public confession: depending en the day, this is how i am around people. period. no stage neede

You and me both. I live in a constant state of low level panic whenever I have to interact with anyone other than my wife for more than five minutes. And yet I did computer repair deskside support for almost twenty years, with a strong focus on the best customer service skills. But it’s easier to interact when I’m focused on stuff I’m good at as the core reason to be speaking to someone. Same thing for public speaking, at least as far as I’ve thought it over.


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