If public speaking chills you to the core, this training can exile that fear forever

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That’s not “literally” “worse than death”.


Or… you could join Toastmasters for free!


In all seriousness, here’s my advice.

I don’t like particularly like public speaking. I don’t really like being a center of attention. But after doing it enough times it doesn’t really bother me all that much anymore. I know my limitations - I am not a particularly gifted orator so I try to compensate for this by simply knowing my shit before I present.

What really helps for me is basic preparation - just doing a run through by myself or bouncing it off a friend. I will have some basic notes to make sure I hit all the “beats” I want to hit. If I feel prepared, then I’m not as nervous. Also realize that most people probably aren’t paying super close attention to you as a presenter so much as what you’re presenting. If you make a mistake acknowledge it and move on, and if you flub just keep on going. (I find it helps to inject some humor too - even if it’s cheesy. A couple expertly placed memes in a slide deck is always a crowd pleaser.)

If you have to do a Q&A, for goodness sake don’t just make some shit up it you don’t know the answer. Just say you don’t know but you’ll try to find out.


What? Toastmasters is very much not free. It costs to sign up, and it has membership fees of about £100 a year.

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I sold crap door-to-door with canned spiels. I shouted obscene slogans on an urban street-corner to sell underground papers and comix. I survived as a busker later. Then I took a junior college class in public speaking – and never spoke to groups again. Moral: Do what ya gotta do.


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