This 360-degree wireless security camera is $45


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I get that BB has to pay it’s bills, but this “article” is preceded by these articles…

“Insecure internet security cameras and nannycams are actively exploited by voyeurs to spy on owners”


“smart homes
The Internet of Shit: a godsend for abusers and stalkers”



No worries. After all, the “S” in “IoT” stands for security.


But this one is encrypted.


Sorry but it is 38.99 on Amazon so…


These don’t support local or rtsp streaming! So if you dont like anything but its app/cloud interface good luck


Conflating having an “encrypted feed” (i.e it uses TLS), with not being able to hack into it and take over control of the camera, is rather dishonest.


He-he, you beat me to it :smiley:



You beat me to it. Oh the irony! :rofl:


You beat me to it, to tell Bobo that he beat me to it. Oh the irony! :yum:

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