This 5-tool survival bracelet is a mighty convenient lifeline

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A month ago I bought some Bamboo sheets through BoingBoing. I researched around a bit but not enough. They turned out the be junk, and returning them has been a catastrophe. I then found out that they had been advertised on BoingBoing before, and had been exposed as crap at that time.

Lesson learned. I will never buy anything through the BoingBoing store again until there are some serious revisions put in place to keep the crap out of this place.


Seconding this (though different product). Even if it seems compelling on BoingBoing, I look for similar or same elsewhere with independent reviews. Ex:


Yeah. I did a cursory check, but not nearly what I would normally do. I got suckered in, and I like to think that I’m usually pretty savvy. Ah well.

Or you can just buy the buckle:

…And make the bracelet yourself, with whatever paracord you want to use.

Honestly, though. Who sells a paracord bracelet and then doesn’t list the breaking strength of the paracord?


Do be aware that with a little striker like that, you need either preparation, or patience and skill, when it comes to your tinder.

Dave here gives up on the patience option (though I know from his other videos he could have done it) and goes with preparation:

This is true of any survival gear in one way or another, of course.

Thirded. I bought some bluetooth headphones through the site. They work well enough, but keep falling out of my ears, even with the biggest tips. I don’t have gigantic Ferengi ears or anything…

If you don’t have Ferengi ears then this is the one you want.

It’s nice, but I’d prefer stereo…


It’s longer on the inside than it looks!


Whether you’re stranded in the Yukon territory after a crash airplane landing …

Although of course you wouldn’t be allowed to take it on a plane, with that blade on there…

I opted for the 6-in-1 model and the decoder told me to drink drink more Ovaltine.


But where’s the tactical survival bottle opener, though? HOW WILL I OPEN MY EMERGENCY SURVIVAL IMPORTED BEER?

I like the idea. But, it’s really just a fire-starter and compass and some cord. I could just take a fire-starter and a compass, put them on some cord, and wear it around my neck. I would like to see a little more to it, like a full knife blade, or some other multi-tool function.

Something like?

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