This 95-year-old gymnast is better at the parallel bars than you'll ever be

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Well, you don’t have to rub it in, @markfrauenfelder! :grinning:


Absolutely amazing.
Get off the couch, and start moving!



The list of people that are worse than me at the parallel bars is several orders of magnitude smaller than the list of those who are better.


Ninety five huh? Hell I’ve got 15 or so years before I have to get serious with this stuff. And lets not forget Lloyd Khan who isn’t too far behind her and doesn’t exactly sit around playing dominos.

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[orders standing desk from BoingBoing Shop]

Edit: [orders compression therapy device from BoingBoing Shop]


This 95-year-old gymnast is better at the parallel bars than you’ll ever be

Well, duh. You couldn’t get me to try a routine on such with an electric cattle prod and far too much free time.

On the one hand, you’re saying age is just a number - presumably that shouldn’t factor into people’s capacity to perform in their chosen activities, but then you extensively highlight the fact that she’s 95… So which is it? Kinda reminds me of the times when folks say “wow - you’re ONLY (30, 35, 40, 45, etc…) year old.” - they mean it in a complimentary way but it’s actually a low-key diss…

Well, yeah. I mean she’s been doing it for like 86 years more than me.

Just jacked up my standing desk since I’ve lazily had it low for a week or so. Thanks, and I could use one of these reminders every week or so! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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