95-year-old man breaks 200m sprinting world record for his age group



Oh my god the feels.
I’m not even sure why- maybe it’s the hope that I might not be broken down when (if?) I’m that age.


Planking record!

Wow, you’re right. This moved me to tears for some reason.


Thats about 8mph for about a minute for the treadmill lovers out there. He looks like he’s barely moving whereas I feel like my legs are going to spin off at that speed.


I´n hoping desperately for nanobot-operated body restoration treatment to be available when I get old.


Not me- I am going to have my head moved to a new body.

D’oh! Almost got DQ’ed at the 150m mark, which would have been so sad. Very impressive, nevertheless!

Very very impressive. It seemed like he really got rolling in the back stretch. Are his hips and knees original?

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Cool stuff. If anyone feels like they need humbling, enter (or just go along and support) your local Master’s games.

I’ve been in a couple in the younger age groups (40+) and did quite well in my sports, but the dedication and ability of some of the older athletes can be really disconcerting. There’s nothing like having your arse handed to you by a pensioner when you thought you were pretty fit. Does wonders for the humility gland.

So I guess the other 2 guys he was racing against were in a different age group?

Man, I hope I’m anywhere near that mobile when I’m 95 - never mind the running, just to be able to walk as well as he does.

Oh big whoop. I bet I’ve met several people who could break the 200m sprinting world record for that age group.



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