Oldest man on earth celebrates his new Guinness World Record title with a piece of cake

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Does he get another cake and plaque tomorrow?


The oldest person ever complained about Vincent Van Gogh’s hygiene.

I wonder what is the average duration over which the winner holds that title.

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My next door neighbor, hot H2o & soap have not touched him since Nixon was in the White House. In the Hood he is known as Master Pew .

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Just imagine living for a hundred years! I’m already sick of this shit and I haven’t even turned 30 yet!

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Patience, diebriandie. As an American by birth, I know BS, and I can attest to you and any other young’ns round here that there’s so much BS coming your way it’s gonna make your head spin!

I need a jacuzzi and a box of bonbons, STAT.


In search of the next oldest woman, Flossie Dickey is 110 year old as of Feb 2016. Her favourite activity is taking a nap.

The dude was nearly 40 at the end of WWII. He would have been in high school at the end of WWI. Remarkable.

It’s tough being oldest man. There’s always some young punk coming up from behind.


Yeah, when you were younger, you could have seen the flies, never mind catching them…

Your grandkids, maybe even your kids, are going to laugh about this. “Remember when people died at 122?” “They used to call people ‘senior citizens’–at 65!” It’s going to be like us laughing about life expectancy in the Middle Ages or the US Civil War, or how short and ugly people used to be due to malnutrition.

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when that scans as ‘jacuzzi and a box of bonobo’s’…

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