115-year-old woman tells us how she does it


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On the other hand, George Burns made it past 100 on a diet that consisted mostly of martinis and cigars. Longevity does seem largely luck-based. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also in favor of sexy lingerie though.


Ooh the elusive third set of teeth that comes in ~97 years. Some mammals never stop growing teeth, humans just mostly do.


I have a feeling that this woman might beat her record…
Oldest working nurse in U.S. turns 90 | KFOR.com




Damn you and your tear-inducement!


Where’s Ira Howard when you need him?


I’ve seen enough movies to know that she is probably some sort of succubus that became a surgical nurse because she can collect the life force of patients that only have a few months without being detected – gaining a few extra months several times a year adds up.

Edit: I think that this is her (perhaps a sister)


I think I found her sister –


I wonder how it feels to be told you’re the oldest person in the world.

“Really? What happened to the other–oh…”


Yeah but (for us at least), 116 is the life expectancy of people born 116 years ago.


My primary reason for wanting to live “forever” – being able to say that it was due to stupid shit. To what do I attribute my long life? Well, I never farted; always ate my toenail clippings; and added pickle juice to my cereal every morning.


I don’t understand why they always ask centenarians that dumb question. The true answer is “genes and luck,” and all the “secrets” they share (Don’t smoke! Have a positive outlook!) are inevitably qualities or practices shared with billions of people who died at half that age. Ask them something interesting! What was Teddy Roosevelt like in bed?

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That looks like Hazel McCallion, a former mayor in Canada who held her office for 36 some years.

A personality to be sure, but unfortunately toward the end of here career as a careerist she was found to be corrupt, trying to line the pockets of her kin by acting in full knowledge of COI.

But people like her.


I spent last weekend visiting my 96yo grandmother. She naps. A lot. I asked her how many does she normally take a day. Her answer: “As many as I can.”


“Over the last four years, her hair changed from gray to brown and softened. When she was 96, she grew a tooth — not a wisdom tooth, not an impacted tooth, but a new tooth — in her lower jaw. She’s a medical marvel.”

This is so cool, her body is all

“so… what now brain?”

“I dunno body, this shit is not in the manual, I checked the footnotes and everything,”

“Well, what should we do?”

“I dunno, get ready for more?”

“More what?”

“Well, food I guess, what about teeth? We need teeth?”

“Uh, used em all, sorry”

“Hey, we’re past the manual, we;re in new territory, we might need teeth.”

“Okay I guess, teeth coming up!”


“Yeah I can get you some hair, no rules against it at this point, right”

“Right you are, we can do what we want, skies the limit!”


This is a biologically interesting story (I want an analysis of her telomere length! Maybe she’s more like a lobster etc…), but… I really could have done without knowing #6 thankyouverymuch!


Didn’t think I’d get to use this pic again so soon…


So, dying in his sleep was probably actually autoerotic asphyxiation?


Yeah, asthma and autoerotic asphyxiation likely don’t mix well.


From opposite ends of the spectrum:

He’s not that old but still: