Eat these 5 things and live to be 110 years old, says 110 year old guy


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These 5 weird tricks…


On the other hand, George Burns broke the century mark on a diet that consisted mostly of gin and cigars.


Although it’s correct to eat all of those things, I should point out that getting longevity tips from very old people is a textbook example of survivorship bias.

This guy’s advice would be useful if it was like, “I kept dying at 65 until I started on the chocolate and olive oil, but since then I’ve been living to 95+ on a regular basis”. As it is, he only has one data point, just like the rest of us.


What I’m mostly interested in are the ones who make it 80+ and are still in a state where they can lead an active(ish) lifestyle. If someone can find the foods / activities that will let me enjoy my old age (assuming I make it that far), then I’m all over it.


I thought it was bourbon… Oh crap I’m doomed!


Islay single malts. Good Islay single malts. You may live to 110 years without 'em, but you’ll feel every year by the time you get there.


The clickiest of baits from the Xeniest of Xenis.


Textbook example of “black don’t crack”. Guy looks maybe 70ish.


“garlic, honey, cinnamon, chocolate, and olive oil” Well dang, if that’s it, I’m set. Half the stuff I cook starts off with frying some minced garlic in olive oil.


Except that the first, unspoken commandment, before “eat/do these things,” is “have genes just like mine.”


And don’t become a statistic at the whim of chance.


“Be as lucky as me and you’ll be super lucky.”




Did you know you can fry things in honey? Gotta keep the heat low, but mmm-mm.

I find a surprising number of things benefit from a sprinkling of cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar, just cinnamon). Put it on a pizza before baking, or add to spaghetti sauce when it’s nearly done. Adds a lovely aroma.


I dunno, it seems more like a joke about clickbait. It’s only actual clickbait if she expected someone would be silly enough to think that this guy’s diet is actually the reason for his age.


Am I the only one disappointed “pussy” wasn’t on the list?

Though as others pointed out, diet alone doesn’t help you live longer. In fact those who live that long seem to be from lucky genetics.


If I live to a great old age, I’m going to attribute my longevity to the most ridiculous of things, to see who takes me seriously.


Garlic and olive oil will emulsify naturally, so that’s easy. Chocolate already has emulsifiers generally, so melt/whip/add air. Cinnamon can be infused in the olive oil and filtered out so the particulates don’t collapse a foam.

But the honey… Got it. Use an oxygen stone to aerate the honey, then place in a vacuum that also has a magnetron to drive the remaining moisture out and crystalize the foam.

So @xeni, we’ll meet up for a really weird dinner? (I may need shaddacks help with the honey, I’ve never torn apart a microwave before)


Article didn’t say what he drinks, I’m sure I can rustle up something good.