Man interviews his 90-year-old grandmother about her "secret" for staying healthy. She said there is no secret

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She missed an opportunity to fuck with him. Like, “drink 144 small glasses of water every day” or “never poop before 4pm”


She’s 90!!!

Until the video started, and the young guy started talking to her, I thought she was his 58 year old mother mentioned in the description.


A lot of people seem uncomfortable accepting how much of longevity comes down to luck. Yes, you can maximize your personal health potential via diet and exercise… but even that is largely dictated by the genetic luck-of-the-draw since one’s diet and exercise regimen can be limited by all kinds of factors like allergies, autoimmune conditions, premature bone loss etc.

And let’s not forget that George Burns broke the century mark on a diet that consisted primarily of gin and cigars.


My grandfather died at 87 having smoked a pack-and-a-half of unfiltered Lucky Strikes from the age of 14, drank Jack Daniels like it was going out of style, and was a printer so worked around molten lead his whole life. Go figure.


My friends mom is pushing 80 and looks very similar to the lady in the post, as far as younger looks than her years, and a similar body type. Part of it is probably her dress and demeanor, but she’s an active person who is huge into vintage fashion. Used to own a vintage clothing store and sold stuff to Hollywood. But she eventually retired.

I think some people just get lucky with genetics on how they age.

I was up late dicking around, and flipping through the channels found a rerun of the George Burns and Gracie Allen show - which I had never seen before. He was in his 50s, but could have been mistaken for 10 years younger easily. Still smoking cigars and had that gravely voice.

I found the show interesting. Both shows involved horny 20 somethings or teenagers as part of the plot, with their son and his friends getting into shenanigans.


I don’t feel any different than when I was 60

In a way that is the “secret”. But yeah, there’s no “one weird trick” to getting to that age in her condition. It’s mainly luck.


Yes it does involve luck. Genetic luck, of course. But socio-economic luck too:

Girls born in the poorest areas of England will have almost 20 fewer years of good health compared with those in the wealthiest, according to figures that also reveal overall life expectancy in the most deprived areas has dropped significantly.

I.e the sort of ‘luck’ society could actually DO something about!!


I dunno, color me dubious… if true, that woman looks incredible for 90!


Meanwhile, most men on my dad’s side of the family died of a heart attack in their 50s or 60s. My dad had a heart attack in his early 60s, but thankfully he survived it and it got him to quit smoking, so he’s still going strong at 83. Unfortunately, I got my dad’s family’s heart disease and had a heart attack at 51. And I had quit smoking years before. I kinda feel like everything from here on out is bonus time, so that’s cool.



Yeah my dad’s half of the family mostly lives into their 90s, some spry until the last few years and some just piling up ongoing health conditions that make getting older hard but they still keep kicking.

My mom’s half… not so much.

A tiny bit of it may be location and lifestyle, but it’s largely genetics and luck.

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