Wisdom and advice from 100-year-olds

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Mr. Denerley is a crack-up. A dry wit.

I was born at an early age…


Sigh, another “hey guys look at this old YouTube video somebody else just found” post. It’s like being Rick-rolled.

My turn: Poochare Dog Food

So everything that is a couple of years old is irrelevant, and we should just look at new stuff?

O tempora o mores :grinning:


If one of them were running for US president, I wouldn’t be so concerned about the age and out-of-touchness of the candidates as I currently am.


the two gents, if i had been asked how old they were, i wouldn’t have guessed any more than their 80s. actually, same for the woman. am i understanding it right, that she’s still alive? wouldn’t that make her 107? talk about incredible genes in all of them. i like that the one man said he bakes bread every day, because that is what i am doing today. : )


let me guess: a cigar every day and a good shot of bourbon. That’s what they all say.

Next, let’s ask all the people who didnt live to be 100. Oh right, survivor bias.

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If I’m making a cake and it fails, it becomes a pudding

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Nobody is forcing you to watch it, much less waste time commenting on it.

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I didn’t watch it. And I’m not here for trips down memory lane; I have archive.org for that.

My Uncle Bob didn’t make this list. He died a few days back, a month shy of his centennial. I only learned this year that he was still going in every day to work at Habitat for Humanity, putting cabinetry in the homes.


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