World's oldest dog ever, Bobi, dies at 31

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May he rest in peace!

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Bobi was already 31 years old, so he was 165 days into his 32nd year.


Wow! What a good boy.
That’s 217 in yooman years.
May your doggie heaven be chock-full of biscuits…

By the way, I can see you licking that cat. Are you about to stick it onto a window?

(Still a good boy).


“My dog has been around since the Bush administration.”

“Good for him, 14 years is quite a run for a large breed!”

“No, the other Bush administration.”


Like many a human who reaches an impressive age, when asked his secret for longevity Bobi replied “a glass of whiskey and a cigar every day!”

I feel that Bluey deserves a multiplier for his score, having survived so long in the expert challenge zone of Australia.


Oldest dog ever, or ever ? These days hyperbole is everything, so declared records and accomplishments are always suspect.

Pets… the great ones… need to live longer… there’s bonds with animals you can’t have with people. I don’t believe in an afterlife… but wouldn’t that be just such a pleasant surprise to die and there’s your favorite pets waiting for you. Favorite people meh… but . if I could hold my cat one more time… 21 years of cuddles wasn’t enough.


What did he die of?

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Broke his neck jumping out of a plane in one of those flying squirrel suits. Doggo kept it 100 right to the end.


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The previous oldest dog ever was Australia’s Bluey, who died in 1939 at the age of 29 years and five months.

(Really? No one posted this yet?)

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The dogfather!
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“Bobi was not the only dog owned by the Mr Costa to live a long life. Bobi’s mother lived to the age of 18 while another of the family’s dogs died at the age of 22.”

It’s that awesome sausage and beautiful Portuguese beaches keepin’ em young.

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