World's oldest cat dies at 24 years old


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Interesting. The late Gene Verden had a Siamese cat that claimed to be 28 years old. It looked just as raggedy as Poppy does.

My family had a cat that lived to 22 and he was an outdoor cat.

That was one tough cat! Outdoors they supposedly average around five years. I’ve never seen one make it past 16 or 17 living outdoors.

Ya, I suspect that there are many unverified ones that made it past 24.
I have known many cats that have made it to ~22 (however, most of them started with estimated ages because they were strays).

No way is that the world’s oldest cat. Ask any vet and you’ll see older. One of my friends claimed a 30-year-old, and still has several over 20.

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AFAIK the all-time record holder was a Scottish cat called Towser. She was a mouser at a distillery, and lived to the age of 34. (automatic embedding breaks chapter links)

Actually, I knew that from the 1989 Guinness BoR, and it turns out Creme Puff of Texas died at the age of 38 in 2005.

My cat was 22 and an outdoor cat. She’d have died far earlier out of boredom if I’d kept her indoors! She was still catching rats after jumping over a 6ft fence til the week before she died!


One of mine got nearly that old and it certainly wasn’t a stray.


My parents’ cat is 21 (pretty old for a fancy-type cat), and he has trouble with his back legs too. It’s so sad to see him tottering around like a bag of dry sticks, when it wasn’t that long ago he was jumping on top of doors.

Well, technically, neither of these statements disproves that this cat was, at the time, the oldest living cat…

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