Happy birthday to the world's oldest person!


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surely that’s 19th century?


@doctorow Last living individual born in the 19th century, yo!


and a few biscuits.

That’s the real trick a few biscuits, never happen with me, I’m a biscuit bandit.


This reminds me of my own brief claim to fame as the world’s youngest person.


Stories like this make me think of my godmother, who is 101.

The last I heard she was still regularly getting a bus to do her shopping, although she said she was starting to struggle on the hill between her house and the bus stop.


If I ran the bus line, I’d establish new bus stops at the very doorsteps of centenarians.

But for all I know, that’d just knock 'em out quicker.


My grandfather lived well into his 100s. Up until a few months before he died, he could still whomp us all at rummy tile. When I visited him and he was having trouble winning, I knew he wasn’t long for this world. About a month later he was gone.


Was gonna say, “No way, I just read about a much older guy!”, but he, um, died…


“When I was a boy I ate two dozen eggs
every morning to help me get large
now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs
so I’m roughly the size of a barge!”


The world’s oldest living person doesn’t hold on to that title very long :frowning:


Last person alive that was born in the 19th century. That’s sort of significant, IMO. She’s the last living human link to that era. There have been people around who were born in the 1800s for 217 years, and here, before us, is the last one. Just think about that for a minute, all that’s happened during that time.

Happy birthday to Ms Morano, indeed!


For the record, this is from the BBC, so when they say she eats biscuits, they mean cookies!


It’s Verbania, not Verbenia.


My goal is to live forever. So far, so good.




BBC had it right. She’s the last living person born in the 1800s. But somehow, when it got to BB, it got garbled and became the 19th century. 1900 is in the 19th century too, and there’s two person born in that year still living today.


I like the one who said she remembered Van Gogh as weird and smelly

Although this one is pretty awesome, too…


I thought we all settled this in 2000/2001. Since there was no year 0, the first century A.D. had only 99 years. Subsequent centuries are x00-x99. Much more elegant.


I think that wikipedia section has gone wrong

living to the age of 7009386419680000000♠122 years, 164 days

Or maybe she was secretly Galactus