This affordable Kaweco fountain pen is a pleasure to use

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I suppose we both have a cup full of fountain pens, what would you compare to the Kaweco Sport and why do you think it’s better? I was pleased to see the price ($16) but wonder if it’s better than a Lamy or Pilot at the same price?

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Just curious if you print or write in cursive (or an amalgam of both).

And yes, it is a very nice pen to write with.

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I am a huge fan of my Duo-Fold International. The Kaweco is larger and has more girth.

Affordable fountain pens…careful, this drug leads to ink collections that will last until the end of time, discussion about nib characteristics, stationary elitism, and less affordable fountain pens!

P.S. The Kaweco a great “pocket pen”


If you use a converter because you like to use your own ink then I love my TWSBI Eco pens. Just stick it in the pot, twist the end and watch the ink fill the chamber in the pen beautifully. The “Eco” part is for ecological rather than economy (although I believe it is that too) 'cause you’re not wasting all that plastic in cartridges.

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Haha, awesome. This is probably where I first read about them. I do manage to scratch out full handwritten letters with them, though. Perhaps I just haven’t tried a properly good pen and don’t know what I’m missing :smiley:

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I really enjoy it and it’s become my red/black pen.

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I have a kaweco liliput and it survives life in my pants pocket when I’m in the mood to carry a pen. (which is high and rare praise)

Honorable ballpoint mention: zebra compact (which I wish was just a bit shorter, plus its o-ring sucks)

I have the Perkeo “Bad Taste” (red and black) by Kaweco. It’s a nice pen running less than US$20. Plastic body. Probably pretty similar “internals” to the Kaweco Sport. I also have a Lamy Safari-- reminds me of something that might come out of LEGO if they designed fountain pens (without studs).

My favorite fountain pens are the Platinum Preppy line. The cap seals tightly around the nib and keeps it from drying-- a week or so with out use and they start leaving ink on paper immediately. They’re absurdly inexpensive at about US$5.00 and can be converted to an “ink dropper” type or used with a Platinum converter. All plastic design in fun translucent colors.


Anybody know an affordable fountain pen with a flexible nib?

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noodler’s is good! I like it anyway. It’s not as cheap as a bic pen, but cheap enough to give it a try without breaking the bank.

ooh! fun! they make a clear one! that’s actually cheaper:


Have it and like it.

Pilot metropolitan italic nib FTW

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Thank you so much for this reference! I don’t have a good italic pen (have tried “parallel pen” and found them lacking). Just a few bucks more and I could have had your pen!

I haven’t tried the kaweco, but I don’t care for the Lamy and the pilot is so nice that I don’t see any reason to look for anything else.

Pro tip: pilot plumix (~$8US) uses nibs that can fit in the metropolitan

Again, another great tip - thank you!
I’m currently looking for a narrow calligraphy pen (2.0 mm or less) that’s dry but not scratchy. I’ve always gone wet to get smooth, but I’m so ham-handed (and most of the paper I use is cheap legal pads) that I just make puddles.
Of course, the real problem is my form (working on it) but that doesn’t keep me from trying to buy my way to better handwriting…
Thanks again!