This AI trained on a million logos will now rate your logo

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The title is misleading; it should read: "This AI trained on a million icons will now rate your logo"
This AI won’t be able to see the cleverness of a logo with a hidden feature, a play on words, an ambigram or an optical illusion. I tested some of the best logos found on Dribbble and many amazing logos were graded poorly by this AI.
My guess is that this is just a gimmick to promote their Brandmark automatic logo generator.
BoingBoing shouldn’t promote Brandmark. This is definitely not a good alternative to hiring a real designer.


If AI is your target market, then this is a great thing.


A farting unicorn?


Interesting, but slightly miffed that I had to switch off HTTPS Everywhere before it would work.

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Am I the only one who finds that seeing ‘AI’ in the context of logo design functions as a sort of Stroop Test?

Took me too long to realize that this would not judge my legos.


Tried the brandmark creator on a fictional company of mine

Seeded it with the descriptors: covfefe, money, partnership
I’m convinced the two figures are choking one another over money.
My co-creator agrees and feels this is accurate.


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