This app makes it easy to see the International Space Station fly by

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Yes it’s worth looking through binoculars. You won’t see any detail, but can clearly make out that it’s in two separate halves, i.e. the two solar panel arrays that are reflecting the light to you


I’m also a fan of this app. It will give you the track across the sky too if you hold your phone up.

I used to use it more back when it had info for Iridium satellite flares. Those were kind of impressive to see during daylight hours.


or you can just got to here

or here
or here

no need to install a possible dubious software onto your phone.


Sky Guide is another good app. You can filter it to look at constellations, comets, satellites, meteor showers, etc.

ISS Spotter does the job without in-app purchase offers.

I use ISS Live Now. It has the ground track and visibility times, and also shows the ISS live video stream.

By the way, if using binoculars dont expect to see much with a pair of 10x50 binoculars. Even with a tripod it looks like two or three closely packed beads smudged together. You need to have something like a pair of 15x70 or so to see the ISS resolve into a H shape

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