This beautiful Tintin tome is full of all wonderful things Herge

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I’ve been a Tintin fan since before I could read, so look forward to checking this out.
I also have to recommend the two greatest Tintin movies ever made;
Tintin and the Golden Fleece
Tintin and the Blue Oranges
Both are live action films made in the late 60s. Be sure to find a subtitled version as it adds to the comic ‘reading a book’ effect.


“Nothing ‘comic book’ or throwaway” about this book about comic books.

“Comic book” is not an epithet and it’s bizarre to see it used as such on a site that has in general been very supportive of comics as a vital and expressive medium.

All things Herge

I love Herge Villechaize! The plane, the plane!


That’s debateable.


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