This Book ia a Planetarium (really!)


The book looks great, and I love everything I see of hers. Really beautiful portfolio, but…

I learned via the linked video in this post that she incorporated one of my papercraft pieces, in a way that violates its Creative Commons license, into one of her works. Her piece (featured on her blog as well as in the video):

is my Low Poly Mask (twice featured on boingboing) with the nose broadened, used without attribution, even in the her blog post about the project. I appreciate it was probably a quick project, done in haste, but the mask is so prominently featured in two snazzy videos about her work, and on her blog, that it sucks to present the piece as entirely hers.

My mask -
Its license requires attribution, non commercial use only, and that derivative works need to be released under the same license as the original.

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