This bored cat effortlessly balances any object you place on its foot

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Our friends at Laughing Squid have many more photos of Gaigai Wuwu showing off.

Sans link, that almost sounds like bragging. We wanna see, too!


It’s not funny when you realize the cat can only do this on the Solstice.


Here you go, with some actual video of it happening! Seems like the cat is just super patient, and the ‘owner’ is doing all the work.

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Fine, ruin it for everybody! I’ll bet you’re wrong - I’ll bet sometimes the cat puts those things there himself. You just don’t get to see those videos.

This supports my belief that cats cause and are the masters of gravity.

Lots of gravity here on earth… lots of cats. Few cats in empty space… very little gravity…

Black holes are cosmic cat collectives.


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