This bot-generated Coachella lineup has the best band names ever


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No way. I know I’ve seen some of these bands. I though Jacked Like a Man broke up?


The algo needs a check against UBL to make sure it didn’t accidentally generate a real band name.


I for one welcome our bot-generated band overlords to go with these names!


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Project Mayor in Portland:


Yeah, I definitely saw Maja, Thou Bald Lungo at least twice back in the 90s… think they were supporting Godspeed! You Black Emperor



Sigh…I’m so old, you could tell me that was real and I wouldn’t know any different. I was happy to hear that Jamiroquai was on the bill this year, much to the chagrin of many younger folks who never heard of them and couldn’t understand why they were billed above Cardi B.


“Plaguebrag” must be pronounced to rhyme. “Bouse Glous” must be pronounced to not rhyme.


Aw yeah, “Slup” got back together! They’re my favorite strummetal band of the early aughts.


I really hope Bowel Prank plays something from their album, “Writing You A Brown Note.”


This almost belongs in LIARTOWN (Sean Tejaratchi’s opus)!!!


I have to wonder about the dataset used to train the Markov Chain here. There are a lot of bad band names registered every year.


Not to worry. The embarrassment of not knowing these bands quickly turns into bragging about your favourite bands to the nearest pal/hipster.


Some of these are pretty good band names. I especially like Postwolves.

I see some definitely convincing indie band names: Giraffics, Lab Raid, Slaw Bomb, Drunk June, Girls of Parks, Babystician, Paper Cop, the Bootleg Tims, Halfway Starch, Foodstop, Horse Choir, “I Love You, the Wait,” Goof Alibi

Punk/Metal bands: Pegged, Bowel Prank, Plaguebrag, Bushfuk, Megadeck, Skin Clump, Dryps, Starque, Cedargut, Carnal Dogs, Nam Troop (conservative metal)

Extremely niche House music sub-genres: Lard House, Gravy House

Jazz/blues performers from another dimension: Donut Shookworth, Bonky Gorman, Benmork Stramploson (Scandinavian Jazz), Bood Hooges, Jonathan Mushboy, Joey Bread, Bustles Muckson

'60s psychedelic bands: Barry Sky People, Mindlass, Mother Acid, Steven Gallweed

Rappers: Lil Hack, Empt-Ti, Bendy B, Giant N, Missie Dis Shite (female British rapper, obviously)

Electronica: Digistain, Beachfeel, Automute

Burlesque performer names: Mikki Rockets, Chesty Squiders (a Lovecraftian Burlesque act)

I know these, at least, are actual band names: Bark, Glove. I’d be surprised if some of the others weren’t as well.


I used to love One Of Pig. Now that everyone has heard of them and they are headlining the lineup, they really suck.


I remember when knowing the names of bands that no one had ever heard of was cool, but now it’s all been co-opted by mainstream corporate pop bands!


I had to look in the corner of my RSS reader to check what feed it was from for exactly that reason.


I need to hear Fistopia.


Aw, yeah!

The machines are rising, …

and they’re “more-ironic” and self-referential

than YOU.

So suck it, peeps.


Reminds me of the band lineup written in the Illuminatus! Trilogy. I found this post that lists them all.