This bot turns Reddit arguments into videos of animated courtroom dramas

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@frauenfelder, it is really messing with me that you are always posting screenshots with the play symbol - either here, posts that link to youtube videos, etc… Is there a chance you can put the screenshot from when the video is playing or something?


It’s an embedded YouTube video. No screenshot in sight


I fucking love the Ace Attorney series. I can’t even count how many times I’ve bought, and re-bought the original trilogy on different platforms. It’s just that good.

The film adaptation of the original game done by the legendary Takashi Miike is suitably bonkers as well. I’m not joking when I say that it is one of the most well done video game to film adaptations I think I’ve ever seen.


Glancing at the source code, the reddit piece could be modified for other online platforms.

Hm. I wonder if anyone has extracted the music and animation for the aliens in Master of Orion?

Well, I realise now that it is the preview shown of an embedded video when I look at it in the blog scroll (it shows a screenshot from the video, and right below the embedded video itself, but when I click through to the post I see only the embedded video.

Is there a reason why only @frauenfelder posts show that way for me, or why any posts look that way for me?

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