This BT 5.0 amplifier drives my 100W outdoor speakers and sounds great

It’ll still sound like crap because Bluetooth.

a review of a similar tpa3116 amp. Includes power measurements.

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That is a sound strategy, I will have to try that sometime.

Do you have the latest version of the amp? Apparently they updated a few things:

  1. No sparks flying when the power supply plug-in;
  2. Adop QCC3003 Bluetooth 5.0 chip that improved the sound quality

I’m curious if the beep still happening with the new chip, and also I guess the no-sparks thing is worth having.

Bluetooth 5 audio quality is just like Bluetooth 4.2, but that is still good enough for most people and applications, especially for this one.

What does or does not sound like crap is mostly learned, I remember a professor starting every semester with blind testing their students, about 10 years ago they found the current generations of students prefer 128kbps mp3 to CD quality. Or think of all the people who claim that vinyl records sound better than CDs. That’s all because people are used to listening to music in those formats, and mistake the absence of artefacts for a lack of quality. Maybe today people prefer the sound of bluetooth codecs to “the real thing”?

They say the first watt is the best watt. Too bad Klipsch La Scala speakers are not portable.

Pretty common in cars and boats, however.

Thanks. So D = digital. I’m not enough of an audiophile to care, let alone get into arguments about relative merits. :wink:

So I wonder why nobody (that guy I linked to, apart, and that looked like a pretty low-key affair) is making a BT connectable amp that will run some external speakers and run off an internal or included external rechargeable battery pack? Maybe sell a range of adapters for common cordless tool battery types. I guess nobody thinks the market is large enough.

I don’t really want portable sound with integrated speakers. I have plenty of old but good speakers in decent cabinets, but there are couple of places I could leave them, where there is no mains and I’d just like to turn up with a small form-factor amp and speaker cables and connect my phone.

There’s this, though it is pretty low-powered; how sensitive are your speakers? Or this one, use rechargable batteries, and hang a bluetooth receiver off it (the TaoTronics ones are decent for the price). Honestly, though, you could take any of these little amps and attach a battery pack to them, they’re all DC voltage; you just need to find a battery pack that matches the amp in voltage in and then find or make a suitable power cord.

The battery-powered amp market seems to be dominated by guitar amps, which usually have speakers built-in.

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That’s what I’d found so far, apart from the Vamp.
I’ll certainly take a look at the links you included, later. Thanks very much.

Why is it so hard for some people to accept the fact that power ratings of cheap audio amps are exaggerated?


even in a box you gotta watch out for humidity. maybe fill the box with those silica packets thingees before you close it.

I like the idea of marine amps but it ruins the idea of wirelessness outside. Perhaps the best idea would be to run these BT amps in the attic, or under the deck, with the speaker wire popping out just behind the fascia.

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And that even when they’re not, it’s not nearly as useful a metric as we tend to believe. I love pointing out to people that most of the Marshall stacks of the 60s and 70s had a 100W amp pushing all eight of those speakers.


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There’s a bit of a ‘thing’ for building portable BT speakers using small suitcases, which use similar amps, and often any speakers available, like car speakers, which are often fairly water-resistant, due to being fitted into car doors. Something like that would allow a set of speakers, the amp and a decent size powerpack or battery.

I did not check the firmware or version but I bought it 2 weeks back and have been using it daily since. No sparks.


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