Unbeatable sound at an unbeatable price: experience the ultimate audio upgrade with this tiny amplifier

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Well you forgot to mention the name of the amp, or is iy just s click bait?

You could try clicking the link in the post, but you’re not wrong as such.

It says currently unavailable.

I have one of these in my garage hooked up to an Echo Dot to play SiriusXM.

It works great and drives an old set of bookshelf speakers hanging from the ceiling.

When we use a projector for backyard drive in night it gets hooked to the projector and the garage speakers get moved to the yard for great sound.

It’s plenty loud.

It really does not make that much of a difference, just pick any of the umpteen similar amps on Amazon or eBay. It’s a crapshoot no matter what.

Volatility of the supply chain and run to the highest margins mean that even a good one today may be crap tomorrow or vice-versa.

The wide availability of cheap Class D amplifier chips, and the very little freedom one has in designing an amplifier around them means that they all are extremely similar - the datasheet or application note circuit for the power section, with the cheapest possible passives, a straight off the book tone control built around a couple standard op-amps and blam! you have a decent power amplifier.
Add any BT module for connectivity.

Distortion is not stellar for the TPA3116, but probably not audible in normal listening conditions.
The high efficiency of Class D means no need for large and heavy heatsinks, smaller power supply and simple circuitry (it’s all integrated) but can have some noise problem (both coming from the amp, and as radiated EMI towards sensitive devices) and the output low-pass filter is an important part of getting the quality advertised in the datasheet.

I was evaluating whether go to the hassle of restoring my Luxman L-2 - caps gone (audible hum), all controls scratchy, one channel of the phono preamp developed a hiss - or just get one of these…I might be doing both, one for convenience, one for fun.

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