Kevin Kelly and I talk about some of our favorite tools

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It is just a marketing speak for a type of class-D amplifier. Not that there’s anything wrong with class-D amplifiers.

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I do love me some DJI Spark!

Though the pairing sequences for the various flight modes are astoundingly difficult to accomplish. I have enjoyed instruction manuals for 44 years, but this example is like a riddle written by a UI design team focused on destroying the entire world one soul at a time.

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The advertised 50 Watts per channel is if you have a 21 V power supply and 4 Ω speakers, according to the TPA3116 chip spec sheet. The power adapter looks like it’s 19 volts and home speakers are generally around 8 Ω, so together I’d guess 24 W is what you can expect, with a not horrible 0.1% THD+N. Not bad for the sub $50 range.

The amazon page for that amp is woeful. One picture has a guy listening on headphones even though the device has no plug for headphones. In another shot people are watching a tv with a full size av amplifier below it.

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