This carved silver dollar has a surprise


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Maybe Lancelot and Guinevere and the holy grail?


It’s only a model.


Looks like it. But wasn’t it Sir Galahad who eventually snagged the grail?


Very good surprise. Perhaps it is the dream sequence that kept them going?


that is an amazing coin, i’d love to have it in my collection.

i’m glad it isn’t in circulation or i just know one of those swords would slip out in my pocket and stab me in the balls.


Now THAT’s a hobo nickel!


I was thinking more along the lines of Parzival (Parsifal, Percival) and the Grail Maiden. Or his wife. It all depends on if it’s based on the opera or the original Wolfram von Eschenbach tale. Or even just the Fischer King as related by the movie of the same name.


The inscription on the arch of the shrine reads: O.U.O.S.A.V.V. - which relates to the Shugborough Inscription:


Also this:


The person who decided to do this has chosen wisely.


That is just unbearably cool!


Yup. The maker said so on his facebook page.


How? How do you get any sort of mechanism inside this solid coin? What type of tools does this guy use?


It’s multiple pieces. There’s the base that has the cavity carved out. Then the mechanisms are put in place, That’s covered by some plates that are shaped to help cover the seams.


Yeah, I remember that too…something about long after the unpleasant business with Mordred, Galahad found the Sword in a floating block of granite, or something, and acquired the grail after because he was the only one to remain faithful, or something.

It’s been a long time since I read those stories, so maybe this is just the way childhood me wanted to remember things.


That’s Sir Galahad at Castle Anthrax, just before Sir Launcelot barges in and spoils the spanking.


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