This cool online radio station lets you listen to popular songs from any decade and country from 1900 to now

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I love that it’s a website and not an app or platform. The interface is fun, and the idea is great.

Feels very 2000s (and that’s a good thing imo).


Yeah, I came across this some time ago… It’s a nice way for me to waste time at work…


This is great. I would remove the word “popular” from the description, as it’s clear people are uploading their favorites regardless of popularity. Which makes it better of course.

It’s not a “radio time capsule” experience when 80s America gets you Cavern by Liquid Liquid!


Also there needs to be a “shuffle” mode - by country and/or decade. i thought the Taxi would do that but it turns out you have to “think” and “plan” to use that :slight_smile:

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So far I like it.

Styles of music didn’t start exactly on a decade. Be nicer if you could start a 10 year period at any year. Or an n year period any year.

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Déjà vu:


I recently found “One Song Radio” on this page:

Dozens of unique and inspiring versions of one of the most recorded songs in history, “The Girl from Ipanema”.

Fantastic! Thanks for this lead. Funny, randomly selecting 1950s France,1950s Italy, and 1920s Czechoslovakia, I got three local-language covers of US songs.

Another map that ignores entire pacific nations lame

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