Radiooooo: Pick a country, pick a decade, and listen to the popular music of the era

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This “Radiooooo” is actually very cool. The whole office is grooving to the 60’s from various countries!


I have that 12"! Had to cop it after hearing it on Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz mix.

My buddy and I were keen to get the sample source, too, but pre-internet-as-we-know-it Knoxville TN was not exactly teeming with that info. Marlena Shaw also sings “California Soul,” first revived by Premiere for Gangstarr’s “Just To get a Rep” but seems to have become popular again itself over the last decade

I’ve found that most of that Cadet label sound is all pretty dope.

the Radiooooo player is pretty interesting. There’s a “Neverland” country in the Atlantic that’s all kid’s music, but the decades there are mis-tagged so far.

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Have it on 80s and Canada to see if MrsTobinL goes OOOOH at anything.


Weird. All I hear is radio ga-ga, radio goo-goo…oh, here’s my favorite jam!

Dang! I was hoping to listen to a little Robert Charlebois, but the selection is only by country, not region…

Oh man! This is awesome! One of my coworkers wanted to do a program at an old folk’s home and play music that would have been popular when they were teens (like from the 20’s and 30’s), in whatever countries they were originally from.

I am definitely going to give this link some mileage!

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I can’t choose 1990s Netherlands. No gabber fun for me :frowning:

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If a country/year combo is empty, you can upload your own music to it to show other people what they’re missing. I was shocked to find that Canada in the 1990s is devoid of songs in the world of Radiooooo, so I plan to rectify that.

Oh man, I haven’t heard that Blue Boy song in soooo long! I seem to remember either Gilles Peterson (on “Worldwide”) or Jason Bently (on “Metropolis” in Santa Monica) playing it a lot, or maybe they both did. I totally forgot about it, thanks so much for bringing that back into my life!

This thing rocks! I’ve spent the afternoon listening to German 80’s music, über cool.

Also sampled by St Germain on Rose Rouge - that’s the one from Gilles P’s wheelhouse I reckon.

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