Fun interactive guide to 10 years of music

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the website is really interesting and fun.
the music is interesting, too; i’m in my forties now, so i don’t give much of a shit, unfortunately.

the real news for me was clicking the links to the label’s radio page. under playlists, the artists listed are all the styles of music for which a sequencer is a prerequisite and lo and behold: JJ Cale.

yep. the JJ Cale. a new album. i can’t explain how this came to be, but it’s a totally normal sounding JJ Cale album, no guests (looks like Clapton’s on a track) or remixes or synths or nothing.

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Wow. That Fonda-Lina track is the most Grateful-Dead like thing I’ve heard in two full beats. @jlw whatchu think?

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That was a fine multimedia experience. Funny how rare those turned out to be in our wondrous pocket computer future world compared to our giddy expectation in the CD-ROM and sound card era. Guess the it’s just too much work, technology or not. Also, album covers! Remember those?


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