Website serves endless stream of "epic" music

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Website serves endless stream of “epic” music

Too epic this early in the morning, will try later after lunch.


I remember there used to be an online radio station dedicated to the music of James Bond. Extremely limited playlist because it didn’t even draw much from the soundtrack albums. It just played the theme songs and those two JB themes everyone recognizes and maybe a couple alternate theme songs, “We Have All the Time in the World” and “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”


Well I tried that for about 10 minutes. It gave the impression I left some Viking battle game on pause on the xbox.


@miasm, why are you stomping around so purposefully today?

*storms past without stopping


I’ll have to try listening to that on headphones, while walking down the street in slow motion. I just need to arrange for some smoke effects and bright white back-lighting.


Worst. Yosemite. Rendering. EVAR.


Thanks to this website, I am gonna resolve the shit out of these support tickets I’m working on.


On a related note, anybody know of any software to procedurally generate a truly infinite non-repeating stream of thematic music?


Fuck, now I need an Industrial Pornogrind Metal music stream. Thanks for ruining my day.

I’m going to have to label the “Relaxing Beats” station as “Basic Jazz”.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll let myself out.

Dammit. Industrial Pornogrind Metal is great for work. It always starts interesting conversations.

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Good times to put it on would include running for your life, or gearing up for revenge.

I may try it as I cram for a test like I’ve never crammed before.


No really, where is this “Industrial Pornogrind Metal” staton? I want that!

Juts remember, you asked for this…


Maybe I’m doing it wrong but the jazz part of the jazz and rain thing seems to be broken. :laughing: It’s a nice rain track though.

Here’s a fun one:
It’s all streaming music from pornography.
(It’s worth having a few attempts at listening, as a lot of interesting music comes through, it’s not endless bow-chica-wow-wow 70s stuff.)
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And then there’s this (from July 2014):

Coolio is set to release videos from his new album exclusively through adult entertainment website PornHub.

Fans of the rapper will have to sign up as a member of PornHub to access the videos from ‘Take It To The Hub’.


The rapper’s new musical venture may come as a surprise to some after he was reported to be auctioning the royalty rights to his back catalogue in 2013 to fund his dream to become a world famous cook.


Try’s Secret Agent.

An eclectic blend of cinematic downtempo, stylish lounge, sambas and easy-tempo sixties European pop music with an adventurous flair. Artists you’ll hear include Piero Piccioni, De-Phazz, Seks Bomba, Shirley Bassey, Henry Mancini, William Orbit, Yoshinori Sunahara, Martin Denny and Walter Wanderly.


With three friends on each side walking behind you staggered back in a pyramid.

  • Focusing/Staying awake: Our epic music playlist is perfect for getting you through that extra load of work while staying focused and awake.

Dunno. That much repetition puts me to sleep. Is there a Mahler channel somewhere?

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