If you enjoyed the radio shows on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, here are two hours of Boss Radio from 1968

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Awesome! I have literally been wondering if these were available online anywhere. I think the soundtrack for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” is one of Tarantino’s best! It feels just like you’re listening to a radio station in SoCal in the 60’s! Thanks for posting!!


I’m going to 3D print case that looks like this, and put a Raspberry Pi in it loaded with recordings of 1960s radio shows.


Hip happening cool cats and daddy’Os!

Cool. Grow up listening to KHJ in SoCal; nice to listen to a bit again.

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Damn nice mix. No Freda Payne? Zager and Evans?

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Dean Martin and the Rollying Stones on the same playlist. AM radio (or, as we called it ‘radio’; FM was not a thing then for the most part), well, this was normal… I can remember hearing a new song and wondering: Is that a new Beatles song? Nope. Nights in White Satin. Also can remember wondering who the hell is doing this Lady Madonna thing. Radio was kind of amazing back then.


And… they’d tell you the time! Though we were all prisoners of time, the shackles were still pretty loose back then - and you didn’t even need to wear a watch - thanks to radio.

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